In today's time, body obesity is becoming a serious problem for many people, due to which the risk of heart disease increases, many people go to the gym, dieting and many types to reduce body obesity. We use remedies, but instead of decreasing body weight and obesity, body weakness increases. In this article, we will tell you about some easy ways to reduce body fat and belly fat. Stay .—

Walking is also a wonderful activity to reduce weight and obesity. Therefore, you can reduce body fat easily by making rules of your walking in this way.

Rules made for walking or jogging
You should make a rule of walking every morning and evening and for this, you must buy a good pair of shoes, which are specially made for this purpose. This will help your body burn extra fat faster.

Use the stairs
Use stairs instead of elevators and escalators in your office and home. This allows you to burn calories faster, which reduces our body fat. Also, if you are going to buy grocery then walk on foot. Go and choose to walk if you are going to a friend or relative who lives a mile away.

Walk with a friend -
When you walk with someone, you are motivated to walk more enthusiastically. Therefore, you can go on a walk with your special friend and you can reduce your growing obesity easily.

Gradually increase speed -
Initially, you walk a short distance on a walk, and then you increase your speed and distance. You should take a high-intensity walk of at least 20 minutes. For the rest of the day, do a moderate-intensity fitness activity for about 30 minutes.