The death of Sushant, the late actor of Bollywood, is getting complicated day by day. On the other hand, Sushant's demise is also linked to the death of his X manager Disha Salian. During the ongoing CBI investigation on the Sushant case, many secrets related to the Disha Salian suicide case are coming out. It is being said in some media reports that before his death, Disha dialed number 100.

After this news came to light, Mumbai Police has given its reaction. According to the news, the Mumbai Police has called these media reports false. A Mumbai Police official says that Disha made the last call from her phone to her friend Ankita. Whoever said that Disha had made the last call at number 100 is wrong.

People are linking the death of Disha Saliyan with various theories. At the same time, the wire connected between Sushant and Disha's death is also being investigated. It is worth mentioning that Disha gave her life by jumping from the 14th floor on 8 June this year. A few days after Disha's death i.e. on June 14, Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead at his Mumbai flat. Disha was Sushant's X manager. Before Sushant, Disha worked with many big Bollywood stars.