These days Bollywood celebs are troubled by rising electricity bills. They are constantly coming under attack. Earlier, Taapsee Pannu fell victim to this, now Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi has fallen victim to it. Actually, Arshad has got a shock of one lakh rupees electricity bill, for which he also made many tweets and raised many questions on the company.

The company said, the highway robber

When Arshad came to know that his house bill has come to Rs 1 lakh, he called the company as Highway Robbers, after which he deleted his tweet and then wrote in the next tweet, buy my painting, electricity bill has to be paid. Arshad mocked one and wrote for the second bill, I will sell my kidney.

At the same time, for his bill, Arshad asked many questions from the company, which was also answered by the company, and after that Arshad also tweeted and wrote that my problem has been resolved immediately by the power company. One just needs to contact them. thank you.