Bollywood famous actor Anupam Kher is always in the news due to his films. Anupam has achieved this position on the strength of his talent after facing many difficulties in life. At the same time, actors are also very active on social media. Whether he is social or the issue related to the film industry, he speaks openly. Meanwhile, Anupam Kher has shared his struggles with the fans in the film industry and his parents.
The actor called a rock band on his father's death

Anupam Kher has shared a long wide post on his Instagram from the page of Humans of Bombay. In which he revealed that when his father died, he had celebrated him. Hearing no shock ... Yes, the actor wrote, 'After Papa's death, my mother and I became close friends. On their fourth, we wore colorful clothes instead of mourning and invited a rock band. We remembered our fond memories with Papa. The mother recalled him, saying, "I had no idea that I was married to such a wonderful man."
Anupam Kher's post
Anupam had come to become an actor with Rs 37

Anupam Kher further said, 'Mother sold her jewelry to put us in a good school. But I was weak in studies so mother used to be worried. Anupam Kher said that his mother had the most hand in making his personality. The actor further added, 'I worked as an actor in Mumbai with Rs 37. Sometimes I slept on the platform but never told mother. When the mother got sick she did not tell me. We used to protect each other like this. When I started doing films, my mother said while teaching, "No matter how high you fly, always be polite."

This post of Anupam Kher is getting viral on social media. At the same time, the fans are also commenting a lot on this post. If we talk about the actor's work front, then Anupam Kher, who has worked in more than 500 films, is seen in the American series 'New Amsterdam'.