Nowadays, making small gardens in homes has become a trend. At the same time, health concierge people like to grow vegetables and eat at home. From Bollywood celebs to ordinary people, they like to eat vegetables grown at home. On the other hand, Delhi's Anita Tikku's house is no less than a farmhouse, where he has grown a lot on the roof.
Green garden on the roof of the house

Anita has not only made a green garden on the roof of the house, but she is also a favorite place for butterflies and different birds as well as monkeys. Often in cities, people set up traps in the house, but Anita did nothing of the sort.

Was fond of gardening since childhood

Anita, a landscape architect by profession, says that she had a deep attachment to nature since childhood because her father also horticulture. He said, "People have now made sustainability a trend, but for me, the environment has been the first. The environment does not have any part in every project but first comes how we can make any construction sustainable.

Terrace gardening begins

Trees and plants always found a place in his house, but then he felt that there should be something different in it too, so he started Terrace Gardening in 2016. Here he first planted vegetables in grow bags and then made wooden planters. Today she has 12 wooden planters on her roof, in which she grows a variety of seasonal vegetables.
A special place for birds, monkeys, and butterflies

Anita said that in the beginning everything I grew spoiled the monkey, but then I started growing things that the monkey does not eat. Now she grows mostly leafy vegetables, while in winter she also planted some tomatoes, some of which were eaten by monkeys.

Wet manure

According to Anita, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are of great importance to her. She also puts wet garbage in a bed instead of throwing it outside the house. For this, he made his home composting kit from old buckets of the house, in which gradually started to be composted. Along with gardening and composting, she also conducts food workshops, which include dishes from different regions.
Makes pickles, sauces, and jams at home

She also teaches people how to make savardo bread and make fermentation. Apart from this, she also makes pickles, sauces, and jams. Not only this, if some of the things in the garden are saved, she also sends them to the neighbors. In this way, they also have a concept from the garden to the table. She brings recipes of all the recipes to the people through her blog 'A Mad Tea Party'.