The world is facing the fury of Corona today and so far more than 8 million people have been infected with it and millions of people are fighting it in hospital. Many people have gone home after winning the battle against Corona. But many such cases are coming from the country and world where people are surprised to see the long beam of the hospital after winning the battle from corona to the hospital. One such unique case was seen in the city of Seattle where a 62-year-old elderly person has been saved from the Coronavirus. He remained in the hospital for 2 months. His treatment went on, but when it was his turn to discharge, the hospital administration caught a bill of 11 lakh dollars to the elderly. According to the Indian currency, this case sits around Rs 8 crore.

The name of this elderly person is Michael Flor. He was admitted to the hospital on 4 March. His health continued to worsen with Corona. The doctors finally saved him. He was discharged on 5 May. While leaving the hospital, he was handed a bill of 181 pages. He was kept in an isolation center for 42 days, and in a ventilator for 29 days. Michael was told by Seattletimes that the ICU charge was Rs 7.39 lakh every day. He was charged 4 lakh 9 thousand dollars (3 crores 10 lakh rupees) for keeping him in the sterile room for 42 days. 82 thousand dollars (62 lakh 28 thousand) to be kept on a ventilator for 29 days, even after treatment for two days life was charged for treatment of 1 lakh dollars (about 76 lakh rupees).

The government will pay all these expenses. They come under their insurance cover. Therefore, they will not have to pay for the treatment from their pocket. However, Flor says that he is very sad to hear that taxpayers have spent so much money. For information, let us know that the US government has announced to provide the help of 100 million dollars to hospitals in the era of the coronavirus. The budget has also been passed for this.