Have you ever seen a blinker on your iPhone's front camera? It sometimes appears in green color and sometimes orange. If your answer is yes, then be careful. Because someone is spying on you. Your location and activity are being monitored in real-time. Let us explain the reason for this. Apple recently upgraded its operating software. In iOS 14, Apple has announced new software for all iPhones.

A new feature has been announced in this upgraded software. Under which now if someone turns on the camera and speaker of the smartphone without your permission, then this blinker will be turned on automatically. This blinker is right next to the iPhone's front camera. It has not been widely used until now, but it is now operational. According to a private website, if you are seeing a green blinker on your iPhone, then you will understand that your camera is activated.

An app is recording your video. Your photo can also be taken along with the video. Likewise, if orange blinkers are visible in front of the mobile, then understand that the app is recording your voice. According to Apple's new software upgrade, it can control your camera and audio. For this, you have to go to the control center of the mobile. Here you can see for yourself which apps you have allowed recording audio and video.

If you believe that an app is seeking permission to record audio and video without your consent, you can turn it off.