Every day new incidents of rape of women are coming up in Uttar Pradesh after the incident of Hathras, Balrampur. At the same time, recently such a case has come out from Uttar Pradesh, which seems that now girls are not safe even at home.
Another disgusting crime in Uttar Pradesh

In fact, in Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur Dehat district, 2 youths entered the house and raped the girl. District Superintendent of Police Keshav Kumar Chaudhary said that the incident in the Derapur police station area is a week old, but the police came to know about it on Sunday morning.

People were seen entering the house, then gang-raped

The victim alleges that when she was alone at home, two youths entered the house on the insistence of Bandur. After this, he committed a disgusting crime by intimidating the girl. After this, he threatened the victim that if he said something to someone, the consequences would not be good.
Police action

After the victim's statement, the police have formed three teams to arrest the accused, but so far no accused has been arrested. The swat team has also been entrusted with the responsibility of nabbing the accused. A former village head is also involved in this incident. The police are processing the case.

After hearing this matter, it seems that now the girls are not safe at home because neither the police nor the law is afraid of these wolves hiding in society. If the crimes with women continue to come up in this way, then those days are not far away, parents fearing such incidents will start killing their daughters in the womb.

It is time to enact strict laws for such poor people so that these incidents with women can be stopped.