The lockdown caused by the coronavirus epidemic affected the everyday lifestyle. Not only this, but some people were also in the grip of mental problems like anxiety, stress. Not only ordinary people, but celebrities have also suffered from depression-like illness during the lockdown. Recently, Bollywood actress Aditi Rave Hydari told me that she too became a victim of anxiety during this time.
Aditi became a victim of anxiety

Aditi Rao Hydari, sharing her experience of the lockdown days, said that she had become a victim of anxiety. Of course, she was with her family members but she was frustrated every day. Along with this, she also faced anxiety. In an interview to a website, Aditi said that she was very worried and used to cry. She remembered the set and the shooting. She said that she could not help people, the way she wanted.
Learned a lot in the lockdown

Aditi further told that there was garbage in front of her and she used to find some beautiful things from it. He called those close to him who were under stress, helping him make him feel better. She says the lockdown forced everyone to see the hard times. However, during this time, Aditi did all the things that she could not do due to being busy.
Expert in doing household work

He used his time to paint furniture for his cousin's bachelor's pad and showed his skill in painting. Apart from this, Aditi learned to make some special things in food.

Tips to avoid anxiety:
Meditation is the solution

To reduce stress, resort to meditation. Also, see things related to laughter and jokes.
Do this in addition to meditation

. You can also resort to art-craft and music to avoid stress.

. Gardening, cooking, petting, walking, swimming, etc. can also remain stress-free.

. Never be alone Think less if possible, stay away from negative news and people.

. Get plenty of sleep because even half-incomplete sleep can cause this disease.

. Eat at a regular time. Make fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fats a part of the diet.