The number of people infected with the corona virus worldwide has crossed 10 million and the number of people who have died due to it has crossed five lakh. In the US, more than 2.5 million people are infected with this virus. With the increasing speed of corona virus infection, its new symptoms are also coming out. Till now, physical changes such as fever, difficulty in breathing, dry cough and tiredness were considered to be symptoms of corona virus. But the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a US medical institution working on corona infection, has considered three new physical symptoms as a possible sign of the Korana virus.

Running nose

According to the CDC, earlier nose bleeding did not mean that the victim was infected with the corona. But if the nose of a person is constantly running, and he is complaining of feeling like restlessness from inside, then such a person should check for corona even if there is no fever. It is possible that you may be corona infected.

To gag

The American body CDC has reported a second new symptom of corona. According to the CDC, if a person repeatedly starts to feel unusual, then this is a signal of danger. Such a person should isolate himself immediately. Although there may be other reasons for nausea, but do not ignore it in this season and you should get corona tested if this happens again and again.


The third new symptom of corona is diarrhea. Doctors earlier also believed that corona-infected patients have diarrhea-like or similar symptoms. Now the CDC has assumed that diarrhea symptoms are being found in corona infected patients on a large scale worldwide.