Indian women are not only at the height of the heights but are also illuminating the name of the country all over the world. At the same time, there are some women in India who are also changing the map of the country with their hard work and wisdom. One of those names is 25-year-old Praveen Kaur, who gave such an appearance to a village that it does not look less than a smart city.

Degree in name of the village leaving a multinational job

Actually, Praveen Kaur, the young sarpanch of Kakrala Kuchiyan village in Haryana, Kaithal district, is an engineering graduate, but she thought of changing the appearance of her village instead of earning millions by working in a multinational company. He loved his village very much but he was very angry about seeing the village roads, school conditions, poor drinking water arrangements. So she decided that she will work for the village by studying.

Country's first young sarpanch

Please tell me that Praveen has an engineering degree from Kurukshetra University. But after taking the degree in 2016, she returned to the village and started work as soon as she took over as sarpanch. When she became sarpanch in 2016, she was just 21 years old. He is also the first young sarpanch of the country.

Work is done with the father's support

No one is educated in the village, but according to the rules, only an educated person can hold the post of sarpanch. Then the people of the village talked to my father but I refused because I felt that I would not be able to handle such a big responsibility due to my age, but I agreed when my father supported me.

Get CCTV cameras installed in every street

There is a CCTV camera on every street of this village of 1200 people so that no one can do the wrong things with girls. Not only this, but solar lights were also arranged on the roads. A smart library for children was also built. Corrected bad roads. Also, women do not have to fill water for miles away, so get water coolers installed everywhere. The picture of the village changed completely after he became sarpanch.

Everyone in the village speaks Sanskrit

Not only this but now the children of this village also speak English and Sanskrit in addition to Hindi. She started it when the Vice-Chancellor of Maharishi Valmiki Sanskrit University came to the village and wished to make the village a Sanskrit village. After this, Sanskrit teachers were kept in the village and now every person in the village speaks Sanskrit.

Inspiration made for women

Seeing this work of hers, the girls were very inspired and their parents also emphasized the education of the daughter. At the same time, the schools of the village have now been upgraded from 10th to 12th. Apart from this, 4 women in the village also support in this work. Praveen has also formed a committee for women so that they can share their problems.
PM Narendra Modi has been honored

He was also honored by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2017 "Women's Day" for his excellent work. She said… I have not thought about what I will do next but I will always work for the village in this way.

It is the result of their hard work and understanding that today Kakrala Kuchian village seems no less than a smart city. We salute Praveen's hard work, thinking, and passion.