1971, when a fierce war was going on between Indo-Pak. Then a group of 300 women did the work which not only helped the Indian soldiers in the war but it also became an inspiration for the coming generation.
When women came forward without thinking in battle

In fact, on 8 December 1971, there was a war between India and Pakistan near the Kutch district of Gujarat. Pakistan had dropped 16 bombs, which damaged the Indian Air Force's flying airstrip. The Air Force requested the BSF for help to fix the airstrip. Then people came forward from the village named Bhuj, risking their lives, in which there were only 300 women.
The road made in just 72 hours

Valbai Seghani, who was a member of this team, said, "I felt like a soldier on the night of December 9, 1971. When we were called to call the road, there was continuous firing but not a single woman retreated and worked with vigor. We were 300 women who left home with the intention of building a road for pilots so that they could take flight. Even if we died we would have sacrificed our lives for the country. "

Explain that during the 1971 war, the in charge of the airport was Karnik Bhuj. He said, "If there was anything for women in the war, it would have been their biggest loss. But it was also necessary to build a road for the flight of ships, so 50 IAF officers and 60 other DSC personnel took responsibility for themselves and work. Done "

Women stood still after Pak shelling

It was not easy to build a road between the shelling of Pakistan but all the women worked well. He followed the instructions of the officers. As soon as the army got the news of the arrival of the Pak aircraft, they would warn the women and they would hide in the bushes and start working again when the siren sounded.
The first day was spent in a hungry belly bunker

For Pakistan not to be aware of this, women covered her with cow dung. In this work of 3 days, the women went to bed hungry on the first day, then they got some fruits the next day. During this time, they had to spend the night in a bunker, which is not easy for any common man. On the fourth day, the airstrip was ready and Indian aircraft took off at 4 pm. This moment was no less than a victory for the Indian Army and those zabz women.

People cheered

Seeing this passion and courage of the women, the villagers, sarpanch, and DM encouraged them. At the same time, Air Force Squadron Leader, Vijay Karnik also encouraged women.
Indira Gandhi refused to receive the award

After 3 years, he was awarded the award by the Indira Gandhi government but he refused to take the award. He said, "We have done this for the country". After some time a Veerangana Samaraka named after him was made in the village in Madhapur.

When 300 women from Gujarat took 71 hours ...

Let us tell you that the story of these heroines of Bhuj, Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan is going to give the form of a film "Bhuj: The Pride of India", the poster of which was released in 2019. The film stars Sanjay Dutt, Sonakshi Sinha and Sharad Kelkar in the lead roles. The film may soon be released on the big screen.1971 Indo-Pak War- When 300 women made the road in 72 hours