Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who is saying goodbye to the world, has been around for two weeks, but the story of his death is still not resolved. According to the fans, Sushant did not commit suicide but his plan is murdered. Many Bollywood celebs are also watching this murder with fans ... Well, the investigation is going on, but still, some questions are arising in the minds of people to which they have not got the answer yet. Brother, these questions are not only in the minds of the fans but have also raised many celebs ... so let's know which are those questions ... !!

- The first most common question which may not even be noticed by the police… Why was the duplicate of the room of Sushant's room key missing…? Sushant's fans say why the fake keys were missing, even if there was a missing, why the matter was not noticed if it was done, why did it not come up yet?

- Second question, why fingerprints were not found from the room ... According to reports, there was a party at home the night before Sushant died. Not only this, but Sushant must also have touched some things before suicide, so why not get fingerprints…?

- Why CCTV cameras were shuttered ... CCTV cameras were said to be shut down a day before Sushant's suicide, the question of fans is why? These questions would not have come in the mind of the police?

- There was news coming somewhere, CCTV cameras were not turned off but were running, in such a situation, the question of some fans is that if the CCTV cameras were not turned off, then the footage of that day has been said, has there been any tampering with the footage, if So why has the police not been able to detect it yet?

- Why did not you find a chair or stool in the room? It was told that Sushant has executed suicide by hanging, why did he not get any chair or stool from the room, was there a big conspiracy behind it or something?

- At the time when Sushant committed suicide, some of his friends were also present with him ... If Sushant died due to suffocation, then why did no one hear his voice, Sushant's voice came out while suffocating. Will it or not?

According to the news, it is said that Sushant's stomach was always with him, when the incident happened, then at that time he was called his pet?

Brother, the fans are only blaming some of the people of Bollywood responsible for Sushant's death, and are also questioning that if Bollywood is really surprised by his death and they also feel that Sushant cannot take such a step Why no Bollywood star has demanded a CBI inquiry so far. While their fans are constantly demanding a CBI inquiry on social media, is there any fear that the needle of suspicion will go towards them from the CBI investigation?

- Please tell that Sushant's body is being told to hang from the green scarf in the room, but the fans also raised questions on how the 5-foot-10-inch tall Sushant hanged the dupatta ... even then what? The scarf was as strong as his load.

- The most important thing which is his throat marks, when his pictures were revealed after Sushant's suicide, it could be seen clearly that there was a dark mark on his neck which could not be of the scarf but it seemed that His throat was strangled with a strong rope, say the fans, while actress Roopa Ganguly has also done this. He said in his interview that 'the ligature mark is usually of U shape. But the pictures and videos that are circulating are not visible in the signature mark you shape. The ligature mark is still under doubt.

- A suicide note was not found. Rupa said that there are many questions on which the police did not think at all, but from the very beginning, they have been telling suicide.

Brother, these are all questions that are constantly wandering in the hearts and minds of the fans and are constantly pleading for Justice for Sushant. Sushant's death was suicide or in fact plane murder, the answer will be known only in the police and CBI investigation. Now, what is your opinion about this, do not forget to tell us in the comment box.