What is not possible with make-up. A beautiful Bollywood actress ranged from 'Devil Child' to 'Beautiful Bitch'. This actress is none other than Shruti Haasan. The imagination of the makeup artist and the talent of the photographer, whoever can create ...

- When Shruti Haasan appeared in full getup for one such photoshoot, she must have posed with high hopes. The special thing is that when Shruti shared those pics on her social media account, her fans also liked her look very much.

Shruti is lucky in this case

-It is usually rare that people with makeup or creations are done in a particular character will like it and give positive feedback on it. But Shruti Haasan is very lucky in this matter.

Shruti gets a lot of appreciation and love for every kind of work for which other actresses usually have to face the trolls' anger. Then, whether these things are related to makeup experiments or by doing photoshoots in a strange character.

Due to which Aishwarya and Sara have been trolling fiercely, Shruti Haasan is doing the same thing indiscriminately.

Some felt 'Angel' and some got 'Miss World'

Shruti was highly praised in this photo. People not only praised her make-up, make-up artisans, and photographer, but the kind of Illusion Created in this pose was also liked by the people. The way Shruti Haasan gets appreciation for such makeup-related experiments, it seems that the creativity lovers of the world follow Shruti.

Shruti Haasan is then addressed as 'Angel' and 'Miss World' on the offbeat photography. Well, it is the wish of every human being to get praise for whatever work he or she does. But this is rarely the case in the world of makeup and beauty. Otherwise here on most experiments, very bitter things have to be heard in the beginning. Then even if people accept that experiment!

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Shruti Haasan becomes 'Devil's Child'

In this photo, Shruti got the address like 'Child of Devil' ie Devil's child. Actually, it is a great achievement for any artist that people should accept him in whatever role he shoots or acting in.

-It is such that the more the audience will hate seeing that character in a film, the more the actor who plays the villain will be considered as a powerful and mediocre artist. In the same way, the expressions given by Shruti in this getup are showing him residents of another planet ...

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'Barbie Doll' and 'Lady Gaga'

Shruti got titles like Barbie Doll and Lady Gaga in Swapnal Shinde's styling. In the fairy theme background, the fans were shocked when Shruti shared her photo in baby pink hair and fairy dress.

- Because Shruti Haasan, Malika of Pure Indian features, is also finding it difficult to identify in this fairy getup. Shruti is always seen in a high-slit white gown. Wave hair spread over the shoulders looks quite cool.

On this pose, 'Beautiful Witch'

In this post of Shruti Haasan, where her followers fiercely lured love, Shruti was also addressed as a 'beautiful witch'. In Amritha Ram's styling, Shruti has a front half hair dyed in pink color with blunt cut hair, giving the illusion of wearing jophedar earrings.

-Black color short one-piece pink and blue color feather earrings look like hair are separately highlighted. Along with this, Deep Fuchsia color lipstick is complementing their entire look. Whatever you say, Shruti is always seen in this look.