There are many Bollywood couples whom fans consider their idol, Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia also have a name. The mutual bonding and caring nature of the two set them apart from other couples. However, sometimes small things become the reason for the end of a beautiful relationship.

One such incident happened with Ritesh and Genelia. Ritesh has revealed this in a show.
Ritesh angry at being called 'Genelia's husband'

No one will deny that there is too much male ego among men. On one side, the society shouts slogans that the girl and the boy are equal, on the other hand, if a husband is called by his wife's name, the husband's mail hurts Iago. Something similar happened with Ritesh. Once in a celebrity cricket match in Bengaluru, someone looked at Ritesh and asked, 'Are you Genelia's husband?'
Ritesh is furious

Recognized by his wife's name, Ritesh's mail Iago was also hurt. In this reply, Ritesh said that he is 'Genelia's husband' in Bengaluru but in Maharashtra, his wife is known by his name. At the same time, they retorted and gave Ritesh the names of all the states where Ritesh is nothing before Genelia's popularity. Although everyone laughed listening to this anecdote, Ritesh told it through a joke, but once society is seen, many people still think the same.
This thing becomes a rift in relationships

This one habit increases the rift in the relationship. If the wife can leave her home and spend the rest of her life using your family's surname, then why does the husband's Iago get hurt in the name of wives. Only such small things cause a rift in the relationship.
Need to change the thinking of male-dominated society

No one can turn away from the fact that even today, we live in a male-dominated society where people think that women will do whatever they want with their husbands, their families. But society needs to change its thinking.