Today is World Television Day. On this special occasion, some well-known personalities of television told that even though entertainment has turned towards the digital medium, watching television is its fun. Let's know what TV celebs believe-

Vijayendra Kumeria: Television has indeed had an impact on viewership over the years as a lot of people have switched to digital medium for entertainment as there is entertainment on demand, but still a big There is a domestic audience which relies on its television for entertainment. The medium of entertainment will change further in the coming years, but television is not going to be a forgotten medium of entertainment. Not at all in recent years.

I am fortunate that my family had a television set before I was born, I still remember that it had very few channels and worked on an antenna and dish mechanism when we took a new TV which had about 100 channels There were alternatives to this. Looking at it, we all used to say that it is completely wasted because we can watch at most 15 channels. Talking about the present time, we do not know how many channels are there.

Subuhi Joshi: Nowadays people use mobiles and laptops more, but even today, I sleep while watching TV every night. If I do not watch serials, then I connect to the internet and watch something but only on TV. My all-time favorite show on TV has been friends. I think this is my favorite show of not many people. I have seen this show about 8 times and still watch this show when I am free. When TV came to my house, I was very young. It was a surprise for me because I didn't know that the TV was coming to my house. When TV came home, I was excited and even now I am excited to watch TV.

Sanand Verma: Television should never end because the family needs television to watch together. Television is a medium that many people can watch simultaneously. Today the whole family cannot sit together and watch web content, but TV shows are such that we can watch with the whole family. Our country is a family country, so television exists. Now smart TVs have come into existence, there we can watch the content as per our choice.

Television content will always play because television is the strongest medium compared to other entertainment mediums. Our population is very large and internet penetration is still very low compared to other countries. The spread of the Internet across the country is almost impossible. We are not very strong financially.

Having the internet in every household means that families are financially strong, then only we can see the OTT platform. Television has its niche. Which no one can take. Television is king and will always rule like a king. My all-time favorite television show Bhabiji is at home. When my father bought the television set, I was very young, and apart from the Ramayana at that time, we and Yeh Hai Hai Zindagi used to be telecast.

Delnaaz Irani: Believe me that there are still many people who are just crazy about watching television. If you ask my mother that we subscribe her to Netflix and other OTT platforms, she says that I am very happy with television. Many people like my mother who is still associated with TV shows. If you deliver good content on TV, there is no better entertainment option than TV. I think TV is a part of people's lives. I respect television because I earn through it. I can proudly say that I am a TV actress and it has given me everything.

I remember clearly that we were very young and we had a black and white TV which we were very excited about. Yes, Boss was my favorite show which ran for nine years. I mostly did not watch my show but yes 'Yes Boss' was a show I used to watch. I like all comedy shows very much.