This time in Bigg Boss 14, the contestants are seen talking openly about their personal life as soon as they come to the house. On one hand, Nikki Tamboli is missing her ex-boyfriend and on the other hand, Actress Pavitra Poonia has many more about her ex-boyfriends. Is making revelations.
Two boys dated together

Recently, a video of Bigg Boss 14 is going viral on social media, in which Pavitra Poonia is telling that she had two boyfriends at some point. She used to date both together. Not only this, but Pavitra also told how she handled them both. In the viral video, Pavitra Poonia is talking to Nishant Singh Malkani, Sara Gurpal, and Rahul Vaidya.
Then she says, 'Long ago, I had two boyfriends'. After this, Pavitra covers her ears with her hands, saying, 'I used to keep both of them like this.' This indicated that both of them did not even know that they are dating the same girl.

When Rahul Vaidya asked Pavithra whether it had never happened that he had exchanged the names of both. Means first name second and second name first. On this, Pavitra said that she used to call both of them as 'Baby' so that there is no confusion. Listening to the holy man, everyone laughs and laughs. Sara says that is why men are given names like Baby, Shona, and Jaan.
Ex-boyfriends had made many allegations against Pavitra

Let us know that Pavitra Poonia has been in the headlines for her love life for a long time. Pavitra Poonia had described ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra as the biggest mistake of her life. Paras hit back at Pavitra and said that while Pavitra was dating her, she was dating two more people at the same time. On this, Paras had also disclosed the personal life of Holy Punia. Paras had said that Pavitra was married while he was dating them. Paras said that as soon as he came to know that the Holy Punia was already married, he became conscious. Paras told that Pavitra's husband had also messaged her and said that you can get as close as you want, but first let Pavitra and me get divorced.

Pavitra Poonia is famous for her outspoken statements and her outspoken style is also seen in Bigg Boss house. Pavitra appeared adamant several times.