When Ravi Kishan raised the issue of drugs prevalent in Bollywood, Jaya Bachchan got it. When he tried to know from Ravi Kishan on this whole issue, he said - regulation has been done. But the whole country has stood with us. The thing is what we are going to give to our coming generation.

Ravi Kishan said, 'In the cleanliness drive of the country, all kinds of filth must be cleared. The man starts at home. If we know some things then we will speak about it. Why do people choose us and send them? We have not been sent to Parliament to become dumb and deaf. Now a movement has started. He is also teased by the artist. This had never happened before.

After all, you made your point during zero hours. What do you want to say in detail, which makes you stand out?

Ravi- 'I want a beautiful India, which everybody including Prime Minister Modi Ji wants. I want an India which is the land of gods. He is drugged by the drug mafia, in which a conspiracy is on to eliminate the youth. It also includes the neighboring country. Give so many drugs so that the entire youth section is finished. Our country has a 65 percent youth category. Our country has the highest youth category in the world. It is a well thought out conspiracy and involves a lot of people. There are also international mafia, also international drug traffickers. Want to end it.

What will Jaya Bachchan say?

Ravi- 'I was wishing that she would bless me. Will support me, because we all have children in the film industry. We want our children to live in a good environment. This was not in Amit Ji's time. What it has grown in eight-ten years is not charas-ganja. It is chemical drugs, which is poison. We are talking about that. Charas, hemp is also a dirty drug, but more than that, Dangerous drugs are chemical drugs. It is called cocaine, it is called allergy, it is called MG, it has many names.

Why do you think he raised your opposition?

Ravi- 'She is a senior leader of the Samajwadi Party. This is his ideology, I think he did not understand. On one side, the Samajwadi Party is talking of building a temple for Parashuram in favor of Brahmins and getting Jaya Bachchan, a senior leader of the same party, to get Ravi Kishan, son of a Brahmin. After all, what is this double-faced politics?