Sonu Sood is such a Bollywood actor who has been seen helping people in different tones for a long time. Because of which many people have started accepting Sonu Sood as the Messiah. He has not yet known how many people have been sent to their homes and villages at the time of lockdown, who were stuck here during the lockdown. Many people are seeking help from Sonu Sood through social media and do not let their hopes of the actor go blank. Sonu Sood makes every effort to help people. Meanwhile, many people have started cheating in the name of Sonu Sood. However, such people have been warned by actor Sonu Sood. Sonu Sood himself has shared some screenshots on his social media account.

Sharing this, Sonu Sood wrote that, warning. Please do not give any money to any person. All our services are free.

The money fraudsters are requested that poor people are better off cheating, see me. I will teach you to make hard bread. Better income, honesty life. On this post of Sonu Sood, the action of many people is coming out so far.

His post is going viral. It is clear from this post of Sonu Sood that the actors know to learn a lesson to the fraudsters. Many people are seen supporting Sonu Sood. So far many likes have been found. Let us tell you that Sonu Sood is working to get people to their homes as well as to provide employment and houses. Apart from this, he has also started an important step for the education of children.