The glamor of the TV and film industry is more attractive than it sounds from the outside, in effect, it takes much more than that. Stars sometimes work up to 18 hours during shooting. Especially the stars of TV serials work so many hours every day.

In this situation, most of his time is spent on shooting sets and he gets very little time to take care of himself. But both beauty and fitness are in great demand in this industry.

In such a situation, most TV actresses work on quick and smart tips to keep themselves fit and beautiful. So that we can take full advantage by investing less time. Today we have brought you the secrets of the beautiful and healthy skin of TV actress Shivangi Joshi. Through which she is able to maintain her beauty by investing very little time…
Pay more attention to this matter

-Shivangi takes full care of her stomach to maintain her beauty and health. Actually, if digestion works properly then the skin has both a natural glow and a glow.

-To keep your digestion correct, Shivangi starts her day with lukewarm water. They take a glass of lukewarm water and drink honey mixed with it. You too can keep digestion right by including this recipe in your daily routine.

First thing after shooting

-After the shooting is over, Shivangi's first target is to reach home and get her makeup done as quickly as possible. Because the skin is not able to breathe freely due to makeup being applied continuously for several hours every day. In such a situation, the skin needs a healthy dose.

For this, Shivangi first cleans her face with a makeup remover and then thoroughly wash and apply a moisturizer as soon as she reaches home. It provides complete nutrition to the skin. To get glowing skin, everyone must wash and apply a moisturizer at least twice a day.

To avoid UV res

-Shivangi often has to face sunlight and the sun's ultraviolet rage during shooting. To avoid damage to the skin from them, Shivangi fiercely applies sunscreen lotion.

- We often tell you that sunscreen has to be applied again after every two hours. Then no matter how much SPF sunscreen you have applied.

Get proper nutrition from household items

- Along with her skincare routine, Shivangi also takes homemade food in her diet. They believe that as effective as the homemade face pack is, it may not have the same effect in a market-based product. And even if it happens, the chemicals used in the preparation of these products cause great damage to the skin.

Healthy - for glowing and flawless skin

Shivangi uses green juice every day to keep her skin healthy-glowing and flawless. Because this juice provides complete nutrition to your skin as well as detox your body. With this, the effect of contamination on Shivangi's skin is also reduced and beauty remains.

Method of preparation of green juice

- There are many types of green juice. Because many different types of green leaves can be used to prepare them. But if you want to make green juice at home, then its method is very easy.

-You need two apples, two kale leaves, and 3 to 4 celery branches. Peel the apple and prepare green juice with bananas and celery and mix it with black salt and consume it.