Born on 18 September 1950, Shabana Azmi is celebrating her 70th birthday. Shabana was born to the famous Kaifi Azmi. His brother Baba Azmi is a cinematographer.

Shabana Azmi's childhood was spent in an artistic environment. Shabana had a happy childhood in the upbringing of father Shafiq Azmi, the famous Kaifi and mother theater .

Shabana started her journey in Hindi films by giving a positive twist to her acting talent. Despite being from a traditional Muslim family, Shabana stepped into the film world and died in every role.

There are many such stories of Shabana Azmi's life, which most people would not know. Many things were revealed in his mother Shaukat Azmi's autobiography 'Kaifi and I Memoir'. Shaukat Azmi died on 22 November 2019. He wrote this autobiography in 2005. Let's take a look at some interesting things on Shabana's birthday ...

Shaukat's autobiography reads, "Shabana felt that I loved Baba (Shabana's younger brother) more than her. One morning I was having with Shabana (9) and Baba (6). I had Shabana's plate. I took a from him and said- Daughter, Baba's will come soon, so I am giving your to him. You have time now. I sent Alice (servant) to get some and Shabana quietly left the table. "When Alice returned, I called Shabana, come, daughter, your is ready. I heard her cry from the bathroom and ran away. She looked at me and quickly went to wiping tears."

Shaukat further wrote, "Shabana went to the laboratory and ate copper sulfate. When her best friend Parna told me that Shabana told her that I loved Baba more than her, I held my head in despair."

When Shabana jumped in front of the train

Shabana also did the second suicide encounter in her childhood. Shaukat writes in the book, "I remember another incident when I asked him to leave the because of his rude behavior. Then I came to know that he tried to get ahead of the train at Grant railway station." Luckily, her watchman was present there. She pulled him off saying 'Baby ... baby kya kar Rahi ho'. Shabana survived the second time, but I was upset. Then I decided that You have to think twice before asking to leave the . "

Never ask for extra money from parents

Shaukat has written in his book that Shabana has been of principle since childhood. Shaukat said, "I used to give Shabana 30 paise daily for the from Juhu to Santacruz station. If she needed any snacks, she would go down to Juhu Chowpatty to save five paise. But she never took extra from parents Shabana's best friend, Parna, told me about not asking for money. "

Used to sell for 30 rupees per day

According to Shaukat, Shabana always thought of earning money to help the family. He wrote in the book, "Shabana sold brew at the petrol station for three months before taking admission in after passing the first division in Sr. Cambridge. It used to get her 30 rupees a day. She never told me about it. And I too was so busy in rehearsals that I couldn't notice her absences. One day she gave me all the money, then I asked her about it. She said that she had three months, which she used. . "

Shabana was once in a relationship with Shekhar Kapur

Shabana Azmi confessed in an interview that she has been in a relationship with Shekhar Kapur, the director of films like 'Bandit Queen' for many years. Their breakup also happened by mutual consent. Shabana also said that when she had a breakup, she did a film with Shekhar. Its director was Shekhar and his wife Medha was assisting him.

Shabana had a crush on Shashi Kapoor

During an interview in 2004, Shabana confessed that she had a crush on Shashi Kapoor. Shabana said, "Shashi and his wife Jennifer were our family friends. Prithviraj Kapoor used to live next to my parents and every Sunday when Shashi came to meet Papa, I used to buy a photo for his sign. When I was 'Fakira' ( 1976). He was terrified when he was selected. He was a big hero. Shashi and Jennifer made me beautiful. "

Trying to break up many times before marriage

During an interview in 2004, Shabana said, "Javed would often bring Poetry to Abba and get advice. When I got to know him, he looked somewhat funny, well-informed, and in many ways like Abba. That was the reason That I was attracted to him. Javed was first married. So we tried a break up several times. He later divorced his first wife and we got married on December 9, 1984. "

Javed Akhtar was first married to Honey Irani. They both have two children. Javed and Honey were married in March 1972 and 7 months later in October 1972, they became the parents of daughter Zoya. His son Farhan Akhtar was born in 1974. Significantly, Shabana and Javed have no children.