Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor is a perfect combination of beauty, innocence, boldness, and cuteness, who understands how to make her image different from others. Shraddha is one of the beauties of B-town whose people may be less interested in fashion but is still appreciated for their different styles and fashion sense.

From designer suits - saris to heavy lehengas, statement-making dresses, metallic silhouettes, Shraddha is a rage in the hearts of her fans, ranging from western casuals to ethnic outfits. But the sad thing is that despite having a good understanding of fashion, they are at the forefront of junking their looks.

What did shraddha do?

There is no doubt that Shraddha not only has a fabulous collection of stylish and trendy outfits but in terms of clothes, the actress' sartorial choice is never out of the fashion. Yes, it is different than in the last few years, Shraddha has become very experimental in the matter of adding contrast with her style. However, there is no problem in being judgmental with fashion, but every time your out-of-style style is making people happy, it is not necessary at all.

We got to see something similar when Shraddha was spotted in the hottest look ever outside Soho House in Mumbai. During this time, the selection of his clothes was such, which gave him a more tacit look. Shraddha Kapoor's netted dress is not less than a nightmare, seeing the photos people said - 'I don't expect you like this'

What kind of clothes to wear

Seeing the stylish pics of Shraddha Kapoor, people were shocked when she was seen wearing a hoodie dress with no pants. Actually, oversized shirts or jackets have been made by B-town girls these days as their new style statement. This is also the reason why people were horrified to see Malaika, Shilpa to Rakul Preet Singh, and now Shraddha Kapoor in this high school fashion. Shraddha, who came out of the house, wore a bright red hoodie designed by New York-based fashion label A.W.A.K.E, which she teamed with black stalking.

Shraddha's hoodie was in an oversized pattern, with kimono sleeves. To make the hoodie stylish, a large collar of odd shape was added along with the round neckline, which seemed to surround Shraddha's neck. Not only this, there were big gold buttons on the sleeves, which did not match any angle with this look.

Fashion disaster victim

To complement her streetwear look, Shraddha opened with perfect make-up with Dramatic Eyeliner, Dark Eyeshadow, Rosie Chicks, Nude Lips, and a sleek look to her hair, which she wore in black and white funny bags and matching strapless heels. The pair had access to their overall look. Not only this, the black stockings worn with this outfit were meant to highlight the actress's dress from head to toe. While this attire of Shraddha Kapoor is great for winter evenings, this oversized sweater without jeans or trousers looks quite clunky.

Price not too low

Let me tell you, the hoodie dress that Shraddha Kapoor is wearing the style of her style, in fact, she is priced at Rs 36,000, which is in a comfortable fit as well as a loose fit style. However, we are not saying that this dress Shraddha was not right in terms of comfort, but just using the shirt as a dress was making them look ugly in the eyes of the people. Not only this, the black stockings combo with red attire looks very strange and outdated. Shraddha Kapoor wore the cutest dress ever, pictures that you will see - 'How beautiful'

Why forget to wear pants

As soon as the pictures of Shraddha surfaced in this hi-fi western look, people started taking them in stride. People reminded Shraddha that 'the fashion sense of the actress is spoiled'. So one user wrote, 'Why do you forget to wear pants?' Not only this, some people even called Shraddha ugly rather than stylish. However, it would not be wrong to say that the structure of this outfit of the actress is so bulky that it looks really lost in it.