In Bollywood, many things often come up about the awards. Many Bollywood celebs ignore this award. Awards and awards show in Bollywood have no special value. This is the reason why people are losing their confidence with the Bollywood Awards. Many big celebs have put their talk about these awards in front of people.Saif Ali Khan, a Bollywood little nawab, has made a big reveal about the awards show. In an interview given by a news portal, Saif also told some choking things. He said that he had received the National Award for the film Hum Tum but according to many awards shows and many celebrities were not eligible for that award. After which I paid more attention to my work and started to choose films with thought.He told that I went to an award show a few years ago, who told me that he is going to give me the Best Actor Award Show. But later he said that you will be given the best actor for a comic role. Saif further said that the Howard show has now become a big way to earn money. Every artist is given money to perform.Saif Ali Khan himself has hosted several Howard shows, the coming of such a statement towards Saif Ali Khan is big aftermath. Even before the Bollywood awards, many artists have put their point in front of everyone, after which people have stopped relying on these award shows. What do you think about award shows?