Rajinikanth, the famous and megastar of the South Film Industry, is often in the news. Rajinikanth is an actor from the South whom people worship like God. A holiday in the South is declared whenever their films are released. The posters of his films are bathed with milk. Rajinikanth has a strong fan following in the south. However, this is also bound to happen. Because there have been many times when Rajinikanth has won hearts by his work. Not only from films, but he has done such works in the South, due to which today he wants the public wholeheartedly. Rajinikanth has helped and supported his fans during every crisis.

Now recently Rajinikanth has also fulfilled the last wish of one of his die-hard fans. Rajinikanth, a fan on social media who is on the verge of this life and death, posted a post to the actor from his son's social media account.

In which he wrote that his fans want to see him winning the 2021 elections. Fan also said that Rajinikanth would create an environment in Tamil Nadu in which the poorest of the poorest sections of rural areas have a basic income of Rs 25,000. The only regret of his life is that actor Rajinikanth ascended the throne. Will go without doing it. After reading this message from his fan, Rajinikanth sent a video note saying. Rajinikanth told the fan in his video that, nothing will happen to you, you will soon get well and go to your house. Please come to my house with your family when you are well.

Rajinikanth said that he wants to meet him. Also gave courage. Seeing this attitude of the actor, many of his fans got emotional. By the way, this is not the first time Rajinikanth has taken care of his loved ones before.