Pooja Bhatt is one of the stars who openly put forward her point. Whether it is about professional life or the matter of personal life, Pooja Bhatt never shies away from giving her opinion. It is well known that there was a time when Pooja Bhatt was addicted to alcohol and she also told the fans about it without hesitation. But now she has given up drinking and recently the actress has celebrated the fourth anniversary of quitting alcohol addiction.

Pooja Bhatt celebrates the fourth anniversary of quitting alcohol addiction

Pooja Bhatt has tweeted in this regard. In the tweet, the actress shared a picture of the sky and wrote in the caption with it, 'Today has been four years of moderation. Earlier there were pink champagne, malt, and city crowds. It is now secluded roads away from pink skies and cities. What a prosperous and intense journey it is.

In her tweet, Pooja Bhatt further wrote, 'Gratitude for life and supernatural powers that kept an eye on me, kept true and strong towards weaknesses.' Let me tell you that Pooja Bhatt has always spoken openly about her alcohol addiction. Not only this, how many times she has said in her interview that she wants to get rid of her drug addiction.
These symptoms are seen in people suffering from alcohol addiction

- Alcohol craving.

- Other symptoms including nausea and vomiting if you do not get alcohol.
- Vibration the next morning to drink alcohol.
- Losing memory after a night of drinking.

However, the main reason for its addiction has not been revealed yet because it is such an addiction that we take on our own free will, but once it gets caught in the trap, no one can save you from it. So stay away from these bad habits as much as possible.