Bollywood action star Vidyut Jamwal says he wants to popularize the indigenous martial art Kalaripayattu through Indian cinema.

Vidyut is a trained martial artist and has learned Kalaripayattu since the age of three.

Vidyut told IANS, "I don't have any idea yet about how it should be presented, but my attitude towards Indian cinema is that people should talk about martial arts about Kalaripayattu. It is an original Indian martial art. "

Regarding popularizing Kalaripayattu on screen, he said, “I feel proud every time I go for an award from Jackie Chan and when he talks about Indian martial arts Kalaripayattu. My vision for Indian action cinema around the world is that we need to present it. ”

Vidyut, who gained fame from the 'Commando' franchise films, has realized that many of the popular things globally have originated in India.

He said, "When I lay on the spear, they say, 'Shaolin monks do this too'." Shaolin Monks do this because they learned it from an Indian man named Bodhidharma. All I want is for everyone to be aware. People should know that martial art is an Indian skill, and that is my view. "

The actor was recently seen in the film 'Khuda Hafiz' released on the digital stage. He will next appear in the second chapter of the film.