There have been reports for a long time that Saif Ali Khan has bought back his ancestral property Pataudi Palace, for which he had to pay Rs 800 crore. Saif has now reacted to these reports and called them misleading. The Nawab said that the palace was never sold.

Saif recently returned to Mumbai after spending a few days in his palace. In an interview, he clearly stated that all such news is false and he has never sold it before and all the news related to it is misleading.

My grandparents and father are buried here. It is associated with a sense of security and trust. This land is several centuries old, but this palace was built by my grandfather for my grandmother about 100 years ago.

Times had changed so my father rented it to Francis and Aman, who ran a hotel in the Palace and took care of its essence. They are like family to me. My mother has a house and is always comfortable there.

Let me tell you that for the last few days, there was a lot of discussion in the media about this palace and many different reports were also seen about it, which we're giving information about it, but now all these media reports have been given by Saif Ali Khan has dismissed them as confusing.