Just a few days ago, the incident of gang rape in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, once again made us realize that even today girls are not safe in this country. People are protesting on the streets to bring justice to the victim. On the other hand, Bollywood celebs are also expressing their anger over this incident. At the same time, actress Mallika Sherawat also gave her a response to the Hathras case. With which the users started trolling them. But Mallika has also given him a befitting reply.

Indeed, Mallika Sherawat wrote in a tweet, "Nothing will change unless people improve the medieval mindset of India towards women." #HathrasHorror #NirbhayaCase. '

The tweet of the actress did not like the users and she started trolling Mallika Sherawat. One user wrote, 'But the kind of roles you have played in a Bollywood film is contrary to your statement. The kind of message you convey through your films plays an important role. Reform should start with the person who is talking about us. '

Now after seeing such a comment, Mallika Sherawat was also going to sit silently. He replied to the user and wrote, "So the films I act in invite the rape incident !!! Thinking like you makes Indian society retrograde for women! If you have a problem with my films, don't watch them. '