On Wednesday, 24 September, one year of the Fit India Movement was completed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi met some celebrities on this occasion. These included Team India captain Virat Kohli. Kohli is considered one of the fittest cricketers not just in India but in the world. Modi had an interesting conversation with Virat on his fitness. Yoyo test was also mentioned during this time.

On the YoYo test, Kohli said- We want to increase our fitness level. The Yoyo test is necessary for this. If I fail in this, then the selection will not be possible. At the end of the conversation, Modi said- I wish you and Anushka many good wishes for the coming auspicious moment. Here we are telling you the Prime Minister's question and Kohli's answer.

Modi - joined by taking time out from Dubai. Your name is Virat. What about fitness?
Virat- I too went through a transition in life. I got the experience that the routine was not right, as the game had progressed well. Which was a matter of self-realization? I also felt that there should be a fitness priority. If the practice is missed, it does not look bad. It is very bad if you miss a fitness session.

Talking about the Yoyo Test, our fitness level is lower than the rest of the teams. If T20 or ODI happens today, then they send in a day. Test cricket runs for 5 days. For this, more fitness is necessary. I run first for the Yoyo test. If I fail in this too then I will not be able to be selected.

Modi- Do you miss Chole Bhature of Delhi?
Virat- The food and drink do not affect where I come from. However, now a lot had to change for fitness. If we do not improve fitness, then we will be left behind in the game. Both body and mind need to be healthy. Slept sweet at night without any activity, it is wrong. It is important to be clear in your mind, for whom do you want to be fit? It is very important to give time in between meals. We eat all day long. First used to have dinner till 12.30 in the night. Slept sweetly at night. Priority is important to decide what you have to do.

The benefits of fitness are visible to us in everyday life. Today, how healthy the body is and how healthy the mind is both these things matter. It is important to take care of what I have to change in myself. My grandmother's health was always fit because she always ate simple food at home.

Modi- You constantly do activities, do not get tired?

Virat- It is bound to be tired of doing any activity. I am also tired. But after getting tired, I get ready again in a minute, then it is a big deal. Test cricket is tiring. In three days the players start feeling tired. If the player is fit, he can also enter Effort on the third-fourth-fifth day. We have had skills before, this is our strength. But earlier players were unable to put Effort due to tiredness, so many times our team lost.