Sometimes the bitterness in a relationship of a couple reaches to such an extent that they decide to get separated. If such couples stay together due to pressure, it has a negative effect not only on them but also on their children.

It has been many years, but his love story is still alive in people's minds. Many were surprised to hear Saif's decision to marry an actress who is elder to him in age, but both of them lived a long happy married life together. By the time the turn came to separate, a lot had changed in their relationship. Couple's daughter herself had spoken in an interview about why she was happier after the separation of her parents. The things she said, perhaps other couples should also know.

In an interview, Sarah Ali Khan wrote that he was happy that his parents decided to separate. The actress said that it is better to stay apart than stay in a house unhappy and fight. She told that after the divorce, both Saif and Amrita are living happily and because of this they also see that her parents are happier and at peace. Let's know why separation is sometimes the best decision

Couple live happier

The way Sara Ali Khan had told that Saif and Amrita are living happily after the divorce, the same can happen to all the couples who have nothing left in their relationship except for daily quarrels. When love and affection cease in the relationship, it is nothing but a burden. What would society and relatives think of such a relationship? Running with fear of it is like inviting torture for a lifetime.

Better for children

If you feel that of you may keep quarrelling, but at least be with the children, then believe that you are wrong. Your daily flights have a very negative effect on children. In particular, it greatly affects their personality. They may be more aggressive or prone to disease like depression. It is good for children's emotional health that even though both of you stays apart, give them an atmosphere full of happiness and love.

Bitterness in life

If the couple does not get along and they are living together due to pressure, then there is such bitterness between them that it is difficult to getaway. It sometimes takes an aggressive form. On the other hand, if at the right time, the couple realizes that it is good for them to separate, then at least they can continue their relationship as a friend.

Distance from children

Couples often forget the joy of children due to daily quarrels and negative thoughts. The effect of their negativity gradually starts falling on children as well. Due to such an environment, they begin to be emotionally distant from their parents. Especially when they grow up and get jobs, they understand their well being in isolation. Such a situation does not come, so it is better to take a decision that breaks the bond made with children.