On Monday, two more star kids from the industry, Ananya Pandey and Ishaan Khattar, the teaser of the upcoming film Khali Peeli. Which got more than two million views during 24 hours of uploading to YouTube. But the special thing is that till now he has got only about 65 thousand likes, while more than six and a half lakh dislikes. A similar thing happened a few weeks ago with the 'Sadak 2' trailer.

The 'Sadak 2' trailer has received over six crores 79 lakh views since 12 August. In which the number of people who like it is six lakh 88 thousand, then the number of dislikers is 12 million i.e. one crore 20 lakh.

Increased hatred for Star Kids

Trade pundits say that the hatred of people towards star kids is at its peak. Even if the content is good, people are disliking it. Ananya Pandey's 'Khali Peeli' is originally said to be inspired by South Star Vijay Devarkonda's 'Taxi Driver', which has been a big hit in the South. The teaser of 'Khali Yellow' has been rightly described by the cine experts. Despite this, the trailer was disliked by countless people. The reason is that both the stars of the film are star kids.

Family members, including Ananya and Alia, remain silent

Ananya-Alia Bhatt, his team, and their families were contacted on this issue and tried to know their reactions. But everyone kept quiet. Ananya's father also made several calls and messages to Chunky Pandey, but no response came from him.

Close ones protect them

However, his close relatives said that at this time they will be trolled for saying anything. As happened recently with Varun Dhawan. He demanded a CBI inquiry into the Sushant Singh Rajput case from his Instagram account and he was trolled. The resentment of the people on the star kids is not justified. He has also given his blood and sweat to this field. Then why the hatred against them.

CEO of Zee Studios responded

On the other hand, Shariq Patel, CEO of G Studios, which is producing and distributing 'Khali-Peeli', definitely reacted to the disliked issue. He said, "Our teaser has received tremendous appreciation. There is a positive atmosphere about it. If some people are trolling some kind of agenda, it is their choice. We made this film with a lot of heart and hard work, and we will continue it. We are very excited to start this obsessive ride with 'empty-Peeli'. '

On the other hand, trade pundits say that given the current environment, it is clear that star kids do not leave for interviews before the release of the film. That is because his honest answer will also be called a fake under the current sentiment.