Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, director of The Kashmir Files, is in Kashmir these days. They are shooting for the film. However, they are once again in controversy. Vivek shared a news shot on social media and wrote - And this is happening when we have not even started editing the film. What are they afraid of, the truth? Bless us that we always dare to tell the truth.

Trolls on Vajwan too
Vivek recently shared two photos on his social media account, in which he is seen eating at a hotel in Srinagar. The thali is seen in the photo, with Vivek writing in the caption - "Nobody knows how to make a vegetarian wazwan in Kashmir. But I am going to make a change here."

However, this post of Vivek gave a chance to the people of Kashmir and he trolled Vivek and wrote that there is no such thing as "Vegetarian Vazwan".

Story of the massacre of Kashmiri Pandits

On the day of 19 January 1990, more than 60 thousand Kashmiri Pandits fled the valley. According to the report of Jammu and Kashmir Police in 2008, the family of more than 24 thousand Kashmiri Pandits left Kashmir after being forced by terrorism. Between 1989 and 2004, 209 Kashmiri Pandits were killed in the valley. However, according to organizations of Kashmiri Pandits, such number was in the thousands.

The shooting of The Kashmir Files has been completed the day before. About what Anupam Kher shared on social media. In this film, Mithun Chakraborty, Pallavi Joshi will also be seen in important roles.