Kangana Ranaut comes in the list of Bollywood actresses who do not hesitate to keep their words out of the box. Recently, Kangana Ranaut has blown away the Bollywood film industry. In which he has said clearly that in the film industry, the brother-nephew suit has been going on for a long time, due to which outsiders are not given a chance. Apart from this, Kangana Ranaut also said about the drug. She says that most of the celebs in the Bollywood industry are drug addicts.Kangana Ranaut's war through social media continues on the Bollywood industry and the Maharashtra government Shiv Sena. Recently, Kangana Ranaut's counterattack on Jaya Bachchan's statement took a macabre form. In which Jaya Bachchan said that the people of the industry make holes in the plate they eat. After this, Kangana Ranaut had also responded well to Jaya Bachchan's statement and again revealed about the industry. However, Kangana Ranaut seems to be in a different mood at the moment due to her many disputed and outrageous statements.Yes, let me tell you that Kangana Ranaut has recently shared a picture on her social media account, in which she is seen in a relaxed mood. Kangana Ranaut, while sharing this picture, wrote that the sun is kissing the mountains. Kangana Ranaut's fans are commenting on this picture, fans are showering lots of love on this picture. Let me tell you that Kangana Ranaut is in her home town of Himachal Pradesh these days. She is in Relax mode these days with the family.