After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the issue of nepotism is arising in Bollywood from all sides. Recently Sonu Nigam has publicly threatened the owner of T series company Bhushan Kumar on social media! That if they mess up with them, they will share a video of Marina Kunwar even if Sonu Nigam has threatened Bhushan Kumar, but do you know how Bhushan Kumar's father Gulshan Kumar started T-series company? So let us tell you today how Gulshan, who sells juice, became the owner of crores of companies.

Bhushan Kumar's father Gulshan Kumar was born in a Punjabi family in Delhi. Gulshan Kumar's father used to have a juice shop in Daryaganj, Delhi. Gulshan Kumar got his graduate degree and started working with his father in a juice shop but as time went by, Gulshan Kumar was getting bored with this work. Then one day Gulshan Kumar's father bought another shop, in this shop Gulshan used to record and sell cheap cassettes and songs.

Gulshan Kumar did not know which one of these shops would take him to life. Seeing the growth of his shop, he created a company called Super Cassettes Industries Ltd. which became the largest music company in India. After some time, this work of Gulshan Kumar went ahead and he started a music company named 'T Series' in Noida.

Gulshan Kumar started devotional and bhajan songs after which he became popular and seeing his business growing, he decided to shift it to Mumbai. It was as if Gulshan's fate changed after moving to Mumbai. While he made a career for many singers, he produced more than 15 films in which films like Aashiqui were super hit.

According to the news, the T-series business is spread in more than 24 countries. But after the success of Gulshan Kumar, many of his enemies also became. According to the news, Gulshan refused to bow his head to the underworld's demand for extortion, and because of this, he killed Gulshan with bullets. After leaving the father, his son Bhushan Kumar and daughter Tulsi Kumar It handled all this business and even today T-Series is a well-known company. So this is how Gulshan Kumar created the T-Series of millions of companies. How did you like our package, do not forget to tell us in the box.