Rupeshkumar Gupta, New Delhi. The government has released new guidelines on the OTT platform and social media on social media. Now in a special conversation with, Ronit Roy gave his feedback on the OTT platform and social media guidelines. However more than the response he Many questions have been raised on this.

When asked Ronit Rai that the government has issued new guidelines regarding OTT platform and social media today, which the government can take action if they do not agree. On this, Ronit Rai said, 'I will see this before commenting anything. What is the legal weight in it? I have not read it yet. It has to be read first. After that it will have to see how much we will be able to reconcile with this law.

When Ronit was asked his personal opinion about the OTT platform and social media, he said, 'I have many questions instead of my personal opinion. How will you control? Who will control and how to keep it because it is called the World Wide Web. That means it is all over the world. Will you stop in India or stop the script level? Who will read more than a thousand scripts that have been written, and if we put on censorship and the shows being made in India, then how will we put on the producers of outside networks such as Netflix shows? How to read their script? Will you ban them or what kind of movie would you like to ban? '