Last year Aditya Narayan tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend Shweta Agarwal.Aditya Narayan, the host of the reality TV show 'Indian Idol', has recently announced that he will not host TV shows after the year 2022. Apart from this, Aditya has also talked about his plans. He has said that in the coming months, he will now be seen doing bigger things than this. He said that by the time he says goodbye to TV next year, he will have become a father too.

It is

known that last year Aditya Narayan has tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend Shweta Agarwal. Both got married in December 2020 only during the Corona period. Due to Aditya's announcement of saying goodbye to the TV world and saying that he would become a father together, the fans have also got a hint that perhaps his wife Shweta Agarwal is pregnant for the first time.

This was said Shweta's pregnancy, now Aditya Narayan has spoken openly in an interview for the first time on the ongoing discussion about Shweta's pregnancy. According to a report by G-News' English website DNA, Aditya Narayan said, 'Whenever it happens and as soon as it happens, we will make an official announcement about it. We are still one and a half years away from the year 2022 and 6 months away from the end of this year.the report said Aditya (Aditya Narayan), 'I'm so convinced that whatever time we spend together and the romance going on between us to him so naturally. All I will say is that false news is being spread and I am waiting for these things right now. I got married, bought a house, now I am thinking of taking these things further.