Actress Sucheta Trivedi has failed to understand why some people talk so much about bold content on OTT platforms. She said, "I don't know why people behave like this about bold women, sex subjects." This is all part of life and if you see it on screen, then what is there in it? "

The actress also said that such material is purely based on audience demand.

The actress said, "If viewership is increasing due to nudity, it means that the audience wants to see it and they want to be entertained with nudity and sex." It is not to judge the content, but it is the demand of the audience. I think that honesty in content is increasing due to such issues. "

She said that she is surprised to see the brilliant display of talent on the digital platform.

She said, "The web platform does not decline to hire actors. That is why these are the best talent I have seen so far. I have never seen average talent on the web and this has increased competition to a different level. "

Appearing on 'Indiawali Maa', the actress says that such a wonderful time will continue on the digital platform.

She said, “For people who have started on television, this is going to bring a big change. However, those who have come in this time or the coming generation are going to make crazy ingredients. It has a golden future. "