Recently, Sonu Nigam had made many serious allegations against Bhushan Kumar, son of T-series owner Gulshan Kumar, by posting a video. Now Divya Khosla Kumar, wife of Bhushan Kumar, shared a 12-minute video in response to Sonu Nigam, in which she spoke a few things about the singer that you hardly know.

In the video, Divya Khosla Kumar said, Sonu Nigam has been running a campaign for some days against T-Series and Bhushan Kumar. T-series always gave new people a chance. I gave a chance to 10 new people in my film.
Sonu used to sing in Delhi's Ramlila for 5 rupees

Further, Divya said, the second thing you said that Bhushan came to you and said that I meet Balasaheb, meet Smita Thackeray, please introduce me to Saharashree. Let me tell you that Sonu Nigam used to sing in Ramlila of Delhi for 5 rupees. From there, Gulshan Kumar ji spotted him and got a flight ticket and called him to Bombay and said that son, I will make you a big singer.
Gulshan Kumar made a superstar

After this, in the video, Divya called her cook, who has been working in his house since 1988. His cook told how Gulshan Kumar made his career. Further, Divya said what did you do in return? Divya said that Sonu Nigam had joined another company after the murder of Gulshan Kumar. Then Bhushan Kumar was 18 years old and he had sought help from Sonu Nigam and today he is expressing his gratitude through this video.

Divya told that Sonu Nigam said in her video that Bhushan ji went to him for help, to save me from Abu Salem. Now I want to ask why should Bhushan Kumar come to you for this, it should be investigated. 'Did Sonu have a relationship with Abu Salem ... where he said that Bhushan came to ask him for help.
Threats are being received after sharing the video of Sonu

Divya further said that Sonu Nigam had said in her video that a girl had accused Bhushan Kumar through Meetu. Meitu was a very good movement but many people took advantage of it wrongly. At that time we received many blackmailing calls but we took the help of the police. Later many of the girls believed that they had done so at the behest of someone else. Today Sonu Nigam is also trying to take advantage of this. Divya said, should I accuse you of Meetu. Do not accuse anyone without proof. Ever since you made the video, there have been threats to kill my husband, rape threats for me, and threats for my child. Your campaign is still going on, gathering so many singers how to finish the T-series.

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Finally Divya said, Sonu Nigam ji, what type of person you are, it was made clear by your wife when she accused you. Now, this video of Divya Kumar was shared by Sonu Nigam on her Instagram and it was written together, Divya Khosla Kumar Presenting. I think she forgot to open her comments section. Let's help them with this. '