Deepika Padukone talks very openly about mental health and depression every day. Now once again he has recalled his post-breakup phase during the 'Voice Chat Room' session.

Bollywood's female superstar Deepika Padukone has worked in many great films in her career so far. She talks very openly about every phase of her life. She also narrates her experiences with mental health and depression every day. Now once again during the 'Voice Chat Room' session, she told how her mother supported her when she was going through a bad phase of depression.

it wasn't always that easy

Deepika Padukone is one of the top-class actresses today. Along with this, she is also living a successful married life. But his life was not always so perfect. Deepika has also faced a lot of bad times in her life. There was a time when he saw this life without work, wasted.

mother understood the pain In that period she was broken from inside. But at that time no one else but his mother understood and handled this problem. Talking about that period, Deepika said, 'My mother Ujjwala Padukone understood from the way I cried that it is more trouble than work stress or normal boyfriend issue and breakup.'

Depression started in February 2014

By the way, Deepika Padukone keeps talking openly about mental health and depression. But this time as her pain spilled again and she became emotional. During the 'Voice Chat Room' session, Deepika informed me that my depression started in February 2014. This was a period in my life when I was completely broken inside. It seemed that life had no meaning. She was getting weak both physically and mentally.

Seeing crying, mother understood the condition

Deepika Padukone further said, 'All this was going on for many days, weeks and months. In between, my family came to Mumbai to meet me. But when the family members were going back and doing their packing, I went to their room and suddenly started crying. My mother understood everything after seeing me crying. She knew that I was in trouble. So mother asked me what happened? But I couldn't tell. But it was my mother's experience and presence of mind, due to which I could get out of this problem.