Raj Kundra Pornography Case: Only these four employees of Raj Kundra had told the crime branch the secret of the secret cupboard inside the office during interrogation. From this 'secret cupboard', the police have got 51 videos in a box.

As the investigation in the pornography case is progressing, the difficulties of Raj Kundra are seen increasing. In the case of making porn videos and films, the property cell of the Crime Branch (Mumbai Crime Branch) has achieved a big success. Four employees of Raj Kundra's company have now agreed to become government witnesses. By becoming a government witness, he will help the police in exposing the pornography business.

According to the information received by the sources, these four have opened many secrets in front of the property cell of the crime branch. He has told how this whole racket used to run. In the interrogation of the Mumbai Crime Branch, Raj Kundra's employees have told that in just one and a half years, Raj Kundra has earned about Rs 25 crore through pornographic videos. He told that the money earned through pornographic films was first sent to the Kanerin Company and then through another route to reach Raj Kundra. Now the crime branch suspects that this other way could be of cryptocurrency. The police are now probing through which route the money used to reach Raj Kundra.

At the same time, out of the boxes received by the police from Raj Kundra's 'Secret Wardrobe', 51 videos have been caught in one of the boxes. Let us tell you that the employees of Raj Kundra had told the crime branch about the secret cupboard inside the office during interrogation. It was only after this information that the Crime Branch team raided Raj Kundra's office once again on Saturday (24 July).

According to the employees who agreed to become government witnesses, all the documents of earnings from pornographic films were kept in this cupboard. After the arrest of Gehna Vashishth and Umesh Kamat, all the documents were hidden in this cupboard in such a way that nothing could be caught by the police.