Every day, a big update comes out about Bigg Boss 14. As such, Salman's show is full of controversies, but this year the show seems to be in a lot of trouble. The show has already been delayed due to the Coronavirus. After which a few days ago it was reported that the show has been postponed till October. Behind which the outstanding work of the set is being told.

Although people yearn to hit the entry in this show every year, this year everything has changed. Many big actors have refused Salman's show. There are many reasons for this. Now the news is coming that TV actor 'Pearl V Puri' has also turned down the offer of this show. After which the problems of the show makers have increased.

If the news is to be believed, Pearl V Puri has received a week offer of 5 crores for this show but Pearl V Puri has not yet said yes for this. Pearl V has worked in Puri Naagin 3 and people like her very much. Due to which they are being given such a big offer. It is also reported that Pearl V Puri has an offer for a film.

Now you have to see whether Pearl V works in his entire film or he appears in Bigg Boss 14. If the show's makers offer them more money, they may change their minds. Only time will tell. Now it has to be seen which artists can become part of Bigg Boss 14. What do you think about Pearl V Puri?