Right now the Bollywood film industry is in a lot of controversies. There are many revelations about the industry in the coming days. One of the biggest controversies in this is the casting couch. Many people say that casting couch is a practice in the film industry for years. However, many Bollywood actresses and actors have repeatedly raised the issue of this issue. At this time, the issue of the casting couch is hot again. Today we are going to tell you about the Bollywood actresses who have disclosed and kept their point about the casting couch.

Kangana Ranaut

Recently, while replying to a statement by Jaya Bachchan, actress Kangana Ranaut said that an actress is given an item song and even for a small role one has to sleep with the actor. Kangana Ranaut's statement that it is clear that casting couch is a big problem in the film industry.

Radhika Apte

Once actress Radhika Apte has also spoken on this. She said that she was told that a film was being made and that she would meet the makers. With this, Radhika talked that she was asked if she would be able to sleep with that person. Radhika laughed when she heard this and immediately said that, let that person go to hell.

Kalki Kekalan

Once speaking on the casting couch, Kalki said that he was tried to harass her a lot. However, whenever she felt ashamed, she left from there. Kalki also said that the casting couch is very high in Bollywood.

Tisca Chopra

There is no doubt that Tisca Chopra has also struggled to make her mark in Bollywood. She told a one-time anecdote that she came close to me and said that he has dinner in my room. Will talk about the story over there. When the actress opened the door, she was sitting there in a maroon kurta. At that time, the actress had run away from there with great difficulty.

Swara Bhaskar

Swara Bhaskar was asked that this girl can do this for this role, she can do what you can do. The actress had said that her saying so surprised the actress. At that time, Swara Bhaskar flatly refused to do such work. By the way, Swara Bhaskar comes in the list of Bollywood's most vocal actresses.